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It helps you secure your Internet connection and encrypt your sensitive traffic
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We all know that the Internet is a marvelous thing, full of wonders and possibilities. We all know that the Internet is also a dangerous thing, full of bad intentions and reasons to worry. Yet, many of us often choose to ignore the last part. For those of us who do the right thing and choose not to ignore that part, tools like 3monkey have been created.

3monkey deals with almost any aspect of connecting to the Internet and browsing the web that may cause you harm or trouble: insecure networks, hackers, online identity theft, privacy issues, and so on. It does that by deploying a powerful, secure VPN (“virtual private network”) which puts you in control over your online data and identity as it passes all the traffic through an encrypted tunnel, securing it against any third-party.

Furthermore, 3monkey also lets you hide your real IP address which can reveal data about your identity, such as your geographical location. It replaces the real IP with a fake one taken from a list of shared IP addresses, from VPN servers, and the fact that these are shared IP addresses makes them pretty much untraceable.

Using the VPN service provided by 3monkey also protects you against unwanted marketing (by concealing the online searches that are usually tied to your single, real IP address) and against the perils of using public WiFi networks (by transmitting all your data through encrypted tunnels). Basically, it's just as good as a virtual firewall.

Anyway, though I understand how it works and I acknowledge its achievements in offering undeniable security benefits, I still have some issues when it comes to putting my trust into a service that's still rather unknown on the market. Unfortunately, 3monkey still needs to get more popular in order to inspire more trust to its potential users. Acknowledged solutions like the TOR network remain undisputed when it comes to securing one's online privacy. On the other hand, 3monkey presents itself in a really professional manner and it looks like a flawless service, so I guess I'd eventually take it into consideration whenever I'd be looking for a VPN tool.

Margie Smeer
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  • Easy-to-use application
  • Comes with a configuration startup wizard
  • Supports multiple VPN protocols


  • Requires registration
  • For 3 days the tool can be used for free
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